Links to section numbers

I discovered Scrivener in the last few days and I’m considering writing my masters thesis in it, but I have to ensure that I will be able to do certain things first. For forum etiquette, I’ll put them in separate posts.

I have a lot of cross-referencing to other sections in my thesis, and I want them to render as section numbers, with or without a § section marker, but not as the titles of the linked sections. So far I cannot find any setting in the link that would allow me to turn on or off numbering or titles. So When I have:

Where History of Settlement section becomes (in the rendering) section 3.2.4, I want it to say:

Instead what it shows is “3.2.4 - History of Settlement”. I have tried replaceing the link text with <$hn> but that gets replaced by the current section number, i.e., the section that the link appears in, not that it links to.

Any help would be welcome.

I should also point out that however the link is represented, it’s still always being rendered as a link, with blue text and underline, in the print-off. Perhaps this is not the way to render cross-references to other sections of a long document such as a thesis. In which case, is there another way to handle cross-references?

If you use the <$p> tag and link with that, all that does is insert a field into the RTF. More specifically a HYPERLINK field to an RTF bookmark using the \l switch. In your word processor, you could convert your formatted headings (give each level a unique format to make it easy to search for formats) to numbered paragraph style headings, and then change the cross-ref style from page number to paragraph number. If you already know how to do all of that, this is probably 15 or 20 minutes of work after you compile.

Implementing linking of the <$hn> seems okay on the surface, but I’m not sure if that would be the best approach. The best it could do, in the word processor outputs anyway, is hard-code the number instead of using a REF or HYPERLINK field, which is less than ideal, but on the other hand without stylesheet equipped headings with paragraph numbering, a {REF some_bookmark \w} field would not work correcly anything out of the box. (In case you are wondering, true stylesheet output would be a non-trivial task, which is why everything is raw formatting.)

Thanks for the response. I just tried testing linking to page numbers with <$p> and found that it works as I would expect, page numbers of the linked section occur, rather than the current page, so why would <$hn> need to be different?

I have to admit to not having done a whole lot of testing of compiling to RTF yet; I was hoping it would be simple enough…

Well, like I say, adding some kind of numerical output like this would be something that really only worked for print/pdf, so it would be of limited use. There are technical problems with integrating something like this in the word processor formats.