Links to Websites Doesn't Compile

Noticed that the links to websites in my original Scrivener doesn’t compile.

Here are the links to the screenshots:

  1. Original Scrivener Document:

  1. Compiled Document (compiled to .docx)

By the way, I’m using the Windows version of Scrivener (1.7.2)

Make sure that in Compile’s Transformations tab you have not selected “Remove hyperlinks” and that you have selected “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined”. Without the last one, links will still compile but aren’t styled as such in Word. If you hover over the text you’ll see the “Ctrl+click to open” tip pop up. The option makes sure they come up blue and underlined like you’re used to.

Followed your instructions. Now the links to websites compile! Thanks, Jennifer… :slight_smile: By the way, really impressed that you immediately address the issues of your clients. Great customer service!

Excellent! I’m glad that’s all it was. Bugs-that-aren’t-bugs are the best. :slight_smile: