Links to YouTube in outline autoplay

When I drag a YouTube link from my browser into the outline and open it, the video automatically plays. The playback controls don’t work. When I try to navigate away to another item in my outline, the video keeps playing in the background and the only way I’ve found to stop it is to quit Scrivener and reopen.

Is there an easy way to simply add a URL to the outline, but have it open in my browser by default, and not in Scrivener’s embedded browser?



My Scrivener doesn’t behave like yours… The link(s) open(s) video in default browser. As a bookmark, when I choose “load page”, it’s ok too (nav YT toolbar
appears and works fine)

Did you try to check/set your app preferences? For instance behavor pannel, drag-and-drop section, document links section (sorry, I’m not confident with names, I work with a french UI)

Ah! I was not using Document Bookmarks. I was using the tree view on the left to drag links into.