Links vs. Links ?

When I drag a file from Finder into a document text, I get a link to that file. Similarly when I drag it into a document References.

When I click on the former link, I am taken into the Finder. When I click on the latter link, the linked-to file is opened in its application.

Is there a way to open the file with its application when it is linked to from the document text?

I confess I am getting a bit confused by things that seem inconsistent to me.

As Scrivener uses the OS X text system, anything you drag into the text gets handled by that - I don’t really have any control over it. Why would you want to drop files into the text area anyway? That doesn’t seem like the best place to put things like this - I would use document references or project references.

Diagrams within my work that I am maintaining and editing outside Scrivener, but that belong in a particular place in my text flow.

I did find a service “Open URL” that does open the linked-to file in its application. For my usage it is the only behavior that works smoothly.

If I import the PDF of a diagram into Scrivener itself and then drag it into the text flow, could you please let me know: iss it safe for me to write a script which periodically (a) locates my pdf image in the scrivener project by name (it seems the name is retained by default), and (b) replaces it with an updated one?