Links within a document

I’ve been searching forum and reading manual but I can’t figure out how to solve the following:

At the top of a rather long document I would like to have a list of topics that I can click on to go to the relevant sections of the same document: sort of like a clickable TOC.

Is this possible? Or do I have to put each section in separate documents to link to them? Thanks.

The simple answer is yes: you usually need to have separate documents in the Binder to be able to link to them.

One of the main benefits of Scrivener is its ability to split documents up and then rebind them easily – if you’re having to think about a TOC within a document, that’s a very good sign that this document is too long for easy use.

Instead split it up into its main sections as child documents of that main document and you’ll see all the constituent parts in the Binder – which provides its own TOC!

You can split the document very easily:

  1. Highlight the title of the subsection you want to split (e.g. ‘Subsection 1: Wibble’) and click cmd-opt-k.
  2. This will create a new document in the binder with the right title ('Subsection 1: Wibble) and will select it so it’s shown in the Editor.
  3. the new document contains the rest of the main text, so go down to Subsection 2, highlight it and click cmd-opt-k again.
  4. eventually all the subsections will have all their own documents in the binder. Select them all and drag them into the original document) so they’re its children. You can then see all the subsections together as a scrivening (virtual document) or singly as you wish.


Thanks Brookter; the documents are long character profiles for my main characters; I thought what you said was probably true. I think I’ll just highlight the headers in red so I can just scroll to the right sections when I’m just using doc as reference when writing first draft.

Thanks again.

You could use inspector comments/inspector footnotes. With that pane open, all of the notes are stacked together; clicking on one will scroll you to the point in the document where they’re anchored. Works for multiple documents in scrivenings mode too.

Oh using Comment is great idea! Thanks.