Links within Scrivener document

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener and I love the way it’s keeping me organized as I work through my project.

Question: is it possible to create a live link within a Scriv document?
–I tried adding a web page, but it was unable to do that for some;
–I typed the url into the document box, but it doesn’t create a link automatically.
–Can I use html codes to create a link?

Thanks in advance!

Highlight whatever text you want to be the link text and then: EDIT/LINK

I then Always choose no prefix, because the prefix is included when I copied the link, and it might be https etc. so the paste into the box. Then click ok.

After the first time, per session you won’t need to reset the selection to no prefix.

If you want the link to be the link text, just paste into the document, then highlight it, and create the link as above. The selected text will be chosen as the link text what is in the box is the link object.

Excellent, thanks so much! I knew there had to be a way.