Linux 64, and spell-checker

I was just wondering if anyone has found a good workaround for the spell-checker on 64-bit Linux systems.

Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to the stable release.

It (almost) works for me with this solution here. On Ubuntu Maverick 64bit, I have used getlibs to install the 32bit versions of libaspell and libaspell-dev like so:

sudo getlibs -p libaspell15 libaspell-dev

I say it works almost because, for a reason I haven’t been able to determine, the spell checker currently marks many words that are perfectly fine.

Yeah, that’s pretty much where I am.

Many words are marked false, but if I correct them or mark them as ‘learned’ they still come back to haunt me, later on.

Yeah, broken spellcheck is the reason I’m using the windows version through wine. What I don’t know is if the problem is fixable on the community side. If it isn’t I don’t know how reasonable it will be to expect it to be addressed.