linux beta expiry

Today I tried to run Scrivener in my linux (Ubuntu 12.04 32bit) laptop.

But to my dismay I saw the message as in attachment below.

I have had no prior warning of beta expiry.

How do I access my working Scrivener files to recover data?

Is there a new linux beta released?

If no, what is linux product development policy?

When will the “final” Scrivener/Linux be released?


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The current linux beta expires 1 Dec 2014, I believe.

I’ve now read that thread … but notwithstanding the December 2014 expiry date … another user has the same problem

So … how can we get out of this block?

I have found one work around. It is to run Scrivener (Windows) in ubuntu wine.
Terrible GUI in wine … but at least I can begin to backup my files until I can get out of this beta expiry block.

I truely hate this idea, and I will admit to not testing it…

set clock back via timezone or manual setting

this will require disabling NTP

Terrible terrible idea. This type of suggestion should result in my instant banishment from any form of IT. Not to mention immediate removal of my head from my … wait … that already happened.

Just thought.

Thanks … but I’ll pass on that idea.

I just need to understand why the disparity between “beta expired” and published expiry date December 2014. This happened without notice.

Meanwhile I’ll recover my files through Scrivener on wine.

I think the time is nigh to develop a web version of Scrivener to run in my localhost environment.

Help! I just received the same beta expired message as d~l when I tried to open my scrivener files. I have journal entries, research, a book I’ve been working on every day for three years, outlines, and two important letters I’ve been editing for months that I can’t access. Scrivener has been a Godsend but I’m panic stricken that at the thought I may have lost my work.

I had credit card in hand to pay for the official version, or expected to update the beta but couldn’t see it anywhere.

Please tell me it’s available and I won’t have to switch to windows or buy a new computer. (Not quite in my budget.)

Sorry for any over-reaction here, but years of work and years of future work on the line.

If there is a new beta or official version available or about to be released.

What is the best way to make sure I don’t lose any files when I update? (Sorry if this is a silly question. but the friend who updated the beta for me isn’t here right now.)

I didn’t receive any notification either.


The new new beta? There was one released that expires sometime in March, if memory serves. It’s linked to the first post. Otherwise, is your system date OK?

You should just be able to install over the old one. I don’t believe any requirements changed, so if the old one works, you should be fine with the new one.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I can only find a link for a version that was supposed to expire December 1. I went through all the pages and couldn’t see it. Did I overlook it somewhere?

From reading the posts a few people have the same concern today.

Good day for me to clean the fridge instead of write I guess. ( :

Should expire Dec. 1 of this year, i.e. in 11 months or so. :slight_smile:

Cleaning the fridge is always a good idea. My bathroom was never so clean as when I was writing my dissertation.

Whew. Thanks for that thought. I wonder if my time stamp is off. I checked the backups in my dropbox file and they were all marked 2013 (which also concerns me, but it seemed to be backing up just fine.) I’ll have to wait till my computer expert comes home zonked from his day job. (It’s not a bad idea if I butter him up with a sparkling kitchen before asking for technical help.)

I hear Joyce Carol Oates used to write in the afternoons when told everyone she’d be home cleaning.

Thanks again.

Well I’ve now installed … I must have had 1.6.1-beta installed … and I’m back in business.
I used Gdebi Package Installer for installing the deb.
Hopefully there will soon be a commercial supported release for linux.


Yeah, my laptop’s CMOS battery went, so if i space when it boots, I get no end of troubles because the date is either far into the future or past. For a bit it had the right date, but wrong year, so the Scrivener beta had expired some 40 years before the system date.

Should I bother hoping for the new version to fix the bug in the screencap (I have the same error) where the entire dialog box doesn’t show up?

A little embarrassed that I overlooked the year :blush: (yes, I was that panic-stricken), but Scrivener’s up and running again–and the fridge is immaculate. All the files were intact.

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Would there be an incredibly easy to follow and understand, step-by-step type tutorial for installing the update for the likes of those that don’t know what they’re doing?
Lost the tech person in the family who always did the programming stuff at the beginning of October and I have almost no knowledge in this area.
Any help would be greatly appreciated (including a polite directive to find a competent person to handle it).

Would’ve been nice to know ahead of time that the beta Linux would expire, and when. I don’t recall seeing any notice about it, unless I just missed it.

Now I’m on my 45-min lunch break, hoping to get some editing done on my novel, but can’t get to it because of the expired beta. I’m downloading the latest, but it’s a slow download (and this is on a corporate LAN). Very inconvenient.

Like other users, I would buy the Linux version if it were available, but since I have to use a beta version, that’s fine, too, except for the expiry. Maybe a popup indicating “This beta version will expire in ___ days” would help. :confused:

EDIT: I’m installing the (finally downloaded) beta, and in the deb info box it says: “The multi-award-winning writer’s tool. Beta - expires. Jul 31, 2012, at which point another revised version will be available.” OBVIOUSLY out of date, and not helpful to know when this version will expire. I’ve seen elsewhere on this thread that the expiry date is 12/2014, but that’s just ballpark, and conflicts with the info at install. Again, a popup like the one mentioned above would be of great help.