Linux -> OSX was a downgrade

I liked Scrivener on Linux so much that I purchased my first ever Macintosh laptop so I could buy the Mac version and use it as the Literature and Latte company intended. Wow, was I in for a disappointment.

Here is the Linux version. Please take note of what I have highlighted in green. The superscript is pretty and the toolbar only has the buttons that I need to write my document. I feel that these are obvious features. I like them.

Here is the Mac version. I don’t know how to use a Mac well enough to highlight these errors in red, but look at this. The toolbar is no longer editable, even though I really want to get rid of the center, right, and justify buttons which I don’t need. And the superscript display is pitiful. I am worried it will mess up this document when I send it to the publisher. It even broke the superscript on the documents I imported from Linux. Is there any way to fix this without a hack?

The Scrivener for Mac text system is based, with some amendments, on the OS X text system. If the developer had had to roll his own - well, he says it would have been an impossible task for him as a lone coder. Most users accept that except for straightforward jobs, final formatting, layout and prettification are best done with a full-blown word processor (something like Nisus Writer Pro).

But there are reasons that Windows and Linux users frequently ask for features that are in the Mac version (e.g. this just a couple of hours ago)… Scrivener’s greatest strengths are in organising ideas and drafting the words. In getting the superscripts perfect - not quite so much.

On the Mac, superscript text isn’t automatically downsized - that’s just the way things work in the OS X text system. If you want to superscript with a small font, then you reduce the size of the font too. You can set up a styling preset if you so wish.

As for the formatting bar, no, you cannot remove items. Again, this is fairly standard Mac behaviour, and the format bar is based on the one in Apple’s pages (which isn’t editable either).

To say the Mac version is a “downgrade” based on these two minor quibbles when the Mac version currently has far more features (such as a freeform corkboard, more compile options, external folder sync, customisable meta-data and outliner columns, and so on) is somewhat debatable, I think - but your comment will certainly make our Windows/Linux developer happy!

Okay. Will the Word document output look the same, or should I import the file back into Linux before I compile it?

When you compile to Word, the superscript will be smaller – or at least it is in my setup.

If you want to see smaller superscripts in Scrivener using presets as suggested by Keith, have a look at my post in this thread: [url]]. It looks complicated, but it’s harder to describe than do and it’s a one-off process.