Lion and syn to problems

Now that I’ve upgraded to Lion, I’m learning the kinks and problems it’s presenting with Scrivener syncing.

Maybe I’m overlooking an easy way to fix this problem:

I set up a new Scrivener project, want to set up a folder to sync to in Dropbox but I no longer have an alias in my Finder sidebar I can select. (Lion doesn’t allow, as far as I know, creating sidebar aliases as in Snow Leopard).

So I’m stuck. Not sure how to create a sync folder in Dropbox as I’ve done in the past.

Thanks for your help.


You don’t actually need an alias in your sidebar in order to set up the synchronisation folder. The Dropbox folder is, by default anyway, stored in your home folder, along with Music, Documents, Movies, and so on. If you don’t see a shortcut to your home folder in the sidebar, you can always hit Shift-Cmd-H to redirect the save dialogue to Home. But if it is stored some place else you still should be able to get there via navigation. Shift-Cmd-C will take you to the “computer” level, which will show all disks if you need to go that far up the chain to get to it.

Main exception would be if you moved your Dropbox folder into your Library prior to upgrading to Lion—that would cause it to become invisible. You can still get there from within the save dialogue. There is a “hidden” way to go to any folder on your system by typing in the path. Shift-Cmd-G will bring it up. From there type in “~/Library” and hit enter. Then send Apple feedback on how annoying it is to have to use work-arounds to get into your own Library folder. :slight_smile:

On the matter of not being able to save new aliases to the sidebar; it kind of sounds like you have a bug or perhaps incompatibility with third-party software (BetterTouchTool, etc). You should be able to set up new aliases just fine here, in all of their now indecipherable monochromatic glory. I just tested it both from within a save dialogue and ordinary Finder and both work.

In Lion, you can make your library visible again with the terminal command

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

You’ll have to do it again after a system upgrade