Lion, full screen switching

Let’s start of with the standard preamble:
• Yes I searched. 19 pages of results.
• Yes I looked through some. I’m too lazy read all the results.
• Yes I checked other programs and no I don’t think this is a bug, it is a support question.
• Yes I’m an idiot. Calling me names under your breath won’t stop me from missing the obvious.

Other than using the “Window” menu, is there any other way to switch between open projects when the projects are in Lion’s full screen mode? Please read point three above. Now back to point 2. Finally point 4.

Thank you.

Jaysen, I haven’t tried it with Scriv projects in Lion Full-screen mode … and I don’t it use that much anyway. But whenever I’ve opened something in Lion Full-screen, it seems to be given a space of its own, so three finger swipes in the appropriate direction might well be your friends.


Yes, three-finger scrolling is the only other way, I think. Annoyingly, cmd-` doesn’t include full screen windows when cycling between an application’s windows, which feels like a Lion bug to me.

All the best,

Yes, that works. The problem is my typical “pattern” is, Safari (forums, scriv, Kindle, Safari, scriv, firefox, moneywell, iphoto, scriv, itunes,, sparrow. cmd-` doesn’t seem to work with safari so I think this is expected behavior.

Just making sure I am not missing something obvious.

hmm… if I hit that useless F3 key I can rearrange the spaces to make three finger swipe less likely to result in a one finger gesture…