Lion upgrade good idea?

I remain a stumbling novice on my MacBook Pro, which I bought just for Scrivener.

Background: After finally working through Scrivener video tutorials, etc., it appeared that research (and completed chapters) for my novel were really far too advanced, comprehensive (18 page bibliography, 100s of pages of topic specific articles, outline topics, & the completed chapters) to use because it would take forever to do the keyword associations, etc., which are obviously one of the great Scrivener blessings.

Hence, I abandoned hope of all the great opportunities on Scrivener. However, I have a huge amount of dialogue written longhand which needs to be associated with chapters yet to be written.

Today, as I began to organize in Word new folders for these, it seemed that this could be a point where Scrivener could actually begin to benefit my work. When I clicked my Scrivener icon, up popped the notice of the Lion upgrade.

I don’t use Lion, usually Firefox, or sometimes Safari. I’ve read some of the posts about challenges folks here have had since they upgraded.

I would really appreciate any advice to this wooden head about whether or not, at this point in my work, it’s a good idea to install Lion. I just absolutely cannot endure yet another steep learning curve, or even an almost flat one. LOL (For crying out loud, now even my 10 y/o is helping me on the Mac!)

You all have been such a patient help in the past.

As usual, it seems my query is far longer than anyone else’s.

Much thanks in advance.

There are some nifty features in Lion and some annoying ones. There’s really nothing that’s an absolute must-have-immediately, though, so you might want to wait until the third-party application developers have had time to work out the last-minute kinks. If you’re already short on time and hesitant about using your Mac in the first place, adjusting to even more changes is sure to add to your stress level. When you do decide to upgrade, it’s a very easy installation.

Just to be clear on the Scrivener update, you don’t need Lion for that. Yes, it does have some new features that only work on Lion, but most of these are cosmetic. The main exception is the new Lion full screen mode. But really the Lion stuff is just a fraction of the total change list. 2.1 should be a good upgrade for everyone, all the way back to Tiger.

As for Lion itself, I second JennK’s advice. It’s a good upgrade to the OS and has some neat things about it. I like the overall aesthetic better. Many of the subjectively annoying things can be turned off or reverted to the way they used to work. My main gripe with Lion is how animation-happy it is. It seems like everything you do in it invokes a gratuitous animation sequence that makes the whole thing just feel less responsive—that one doesn’t have a preference, though hopefully Cocktail, MacPilot, or one of the other system tweak tools will find a hidden preference. So yes, if you upgrade now you’ll need to accept that you are on the bleeding edge. Not all of your programs will work flawlessly, and there will be bugs in the OS itself. It’s usually a good idea to give Apple a point or two of fixes; that’s usually enough time for the developer community to catch up as well with any major flaws.

And once you are ready, it is cheap and easy to do. Easiest OS installation I’ve ever seen.

My advice, upgrade Scrivener to 2.1 but don’t go with Lion just yet.

You’re writing so you’re brain’s busy. But you’re getting used to a Mac and you’re learning Scrivener.

Even assuming you have an in-house maid, cook, cleaner, handy-man and butler that’s enough on your plate.

Unless you are 100% certain you will be able to work quicker with the new features of Lion then stick with Snow Leopard for now. Get used to what you have and then you’ll be better set to judge whether Lion is worth it for you.

If you are just learning OS X, and if you have bought a MacBook for Scrivener, it would make more sense to upgrade to Lion, so your learning effort lasts longer. It is a painless upgrade, and it takes only half an hour—in fact it is the easiest OS upgrade I have done. I doesn’t make sense to learn an OS that’s on its way out anyway.

Good grief! I just this a.m. came back to Scrivener to the Tech Support forum and reviewed all my old posts . I can’t believe I never answered these thoughtful replies to my query.

So, more than 6 months later, I’m saying thanks.

You’re welcome. :wink:

You’re welcome. (No need to apologize, as long you were writing…)