List changes


I’m working on corrections to my PhD thesis and have to document every single change I make to the original submission,

Is there a way to have Scrivener auto-assemble a list of all changes?

Thanks for any and all hints!

Sounds like the Snapshot function would be useful to you. The Take Snapshot command basically creates a record of what your text consisted of at the time and saves it within the project’s Inspector pane. (See section 15.8 of the Scrivener 3 user manual, which explains this function much more effectively than I could.)

Also, in your General preferences under Saving, you can choose to “Take snapshots of changed text documents on manual save,” so you know that every time you save your project there will be a snapshot to reflect changes made since the last manual save.

Although, if you’re asking this in retrospect, looking to create a list of all the changes already made to your project…to the best of my knowledge, that’s not possible unless you’ve kept all of your backups, but I could be wrong.