List Formats (Format Bar)

I was wondering if there was a way to change the default fonts for the list format from the menu bar. I’ve got everything else switched over to a font that I like and bulleted lists keep coming up as helvetica. It is a minor thing, but something that has been bugging me. Can this be changed?


This seems buggy, actually. Are you getting it all the time or just on new documents? Playing around with it, my lists always maintain the expected font (ie, whatever I was writing in or whatever the font already was if I apply a list style to pre-existing text) but if I start a list in a fresh document (or if I delete all text from an existing document and then start a list), it defaults to Helvetica 12pt.

That is the behavior that I have seen as well. I’m glad I’m not completely insane! :smiley:

Sadly this is one of the OS X text system bugs and thus beyond my grasp - it annoys me too. :slight_smile: It seems that Apple’s implementation of lists takes the formatting from the previous character or falls back on the default system font rather than using the typing attributes. If you try it out in TextEdit you’ll see that the same thing happens. The best workaround is just to hit return before starting the list, then delete the blank line after you’ve started the list.
All the best,

I love the OS text system! :unamused: Thanks, Keith.