List formatting in the Scrivener manual project

I’m playing around with the Scrivener Manual Project, to help make some things easier in a long project I’m working on. I’ve got a couple of questions, and I’ll make a sep topic for each.

I note that lists have their own “style” for the purposes of the RTF editor, in that they have different tabs and indents than “regular” text. I like the way this makes the RTF displayed text look for stuff like bullet/number lists.

How did you set this up so that special RTF formatting would be present?

Nothing fancy, I just adjusted the ruler settings into a fashion I liked, then saved that as a formatting preset with Format/Formatting/New Preset from Selection, called it “Bullet-indent”, then added a keyboard shortcut to the preset. I don’t always do that, but sometimes it is nice, particularly if I mean for other people to see the text.