List in Kindle


I have a list of 1000 items that are formatted well in Scrivener, however, once compiled and viewed in Kindle the formatting is lost.

The formatting is simply a numbered list with spacing between each sentence. For example, here is how I have it formatted:

  1. Apples are good.
  2. Oranges are orange.
  3. Pinapples are strange.
  4. Grapes are purple.
  5. So on…

Once I view it this is how it looks ( losing the numbering, and formatting):

Apples are good. Oranges are orange. Pinapples are strange. Grapes are purple. So on…

Again, once I compile the file and preview in the Kindle Previewer the numbered list disappears and the spacing is gone. It looks like a massive paragraph.

Any Advice on how to maintain formatting across all platforms? Tables?

Not tables. :slight_smile: Those are the worst for cross-platform.

Was this list created in Scrivener, or did you paste it in from some other source? It may be its not actually a list, but only looks like one—or the list code is glitched out. Try making a new blank project, typing in five list lines and compiling to Mobi. It should work fine, but if it doesn’t it might indicate a machine specific configuration problem.

Secondly—a thousand items in one list? I’ve never actually tried that before, maybe that’s too much for the Kindle to handle.