List of Bugs found in 1.2.3

I like this software quite a bit, so I thought I’d contribute by noting a few bugs with 1.2.3. I have not seen these bugs mentioned yet, but apologies if they have.

  1. New (I think) with 1.2.3:

1.1 There are two bugs with RTF Export.

1.12 First, if I try to export a second time to overwrite an earlier exported version of the same file, I will receive an error message. Most often: “No files exported. Errors: Could not export: Access is denied.” I will continue to receive this error even if I try to export again with a different file name. This bug will go away after restarting the program.

1.13 Second, if I export to RTF, footnotes and annotations appear respectively as follows:

{\Scrv_fn=Content of footnote\end_Scrv_fn}

{\Scrv_annot \color={\R=1.000000\G=0.000000\B=0.000000} \text=Content of annotation\end_Scrv_annot}

I don’t remember this occuring with 1.0.3. Moreover, it appears that the RTF files Scrivener uses keep track of footnotes and endnotes in the same way. I mention this because I could swear that 1.0.3 used standard RTF footnotes and endnotes. Perhaps I am remembering that wrong.

1.2 Although I now see the Lock Inspector icon, it doesn’t work at all. It did work in 1.0.3 (although I didn’t use it much).

  1. There are two bugs that were also present in 1.0.3.

2.1 Several issues with tables.

2.11 Fonts will often change to MS Shell Dlg 2, which is not one of my default fonts.

2.12 If I add a blank line after a table, it will often disappear after I have left the document and returned.

2.13 Table border and color are not stable. Sometimes if I set the table border to 0, a table border will later appear, which I can then turn off in the table options. Sometimes, the default grey table border will turn to black. It’s not clear to me how to switch it back to the default grey. I mean, I can see how to switch the color, but I don’t see the default grey among the standard color options.

2.2 Annotated text displays wrong, perhaps also footnotes. This occurs often when I modify text surrounding annotations, especially I believe with deleting lines before them. What will happen is that it will display a different portion of text as being the annotation. This is clearly a matter only of what is displayed, for if I leave the document and return, the correct text will be annotated. I haven’t used as many footnotes recently, but I believe it also occurs with them.

  1. Unsure Status

3.1 Ctrl+Shift+9 doesn’t always work to display Collections (Yes, I know that you must have the binder already displayed for the keyboard shortcut to do anything!). I never used this before 1.2.3, so I’m not sure if this was a problem before. I’ve been having difficulty reproducing it. Whenever it has occurred, clicking on the binder will fix the problem, and the keyboard shortcut will then work.

I think I understated things a bit at the start. I love Scrivener, so I’m happy to help with reporting these fairly minor annoyances with what is an excellently thought out, designed, and executed program!