List of bugs

I’ve been making notes on bugs as I use the program. I don’t want to make a bunch of posts, so I hope listing them here isn’t too inconvenient. Feel free to edit my post to add issue numbers.

  1. merge cells missing from right click menu: if you select more than one cell, the Table in the right click menu is disabled.

  2. order in binder doesn’t change when you move doc if locked

  3. comment created when locked in other view doesn’t show up in comments list, nor is it added to the content.comments file, though somehow the comment is saved somewhere

  4. comment times out when filling in-line (such as when other window is locked to inspector)

  5. (fixed in latest?) when searching, all comments are highlighted yellow, regardless of whether they contain matching text

  6. missing keyboard shortcut entry for opening something in quick ref

  7. right click still changes active document (such as to open in quick ref)

  8. no way to filter comments by color

  9. scene divider in scrivenings mode disappears when using line as divider

  10. when you click a comment in a doc, it keeps another comment selected, so if you right click and change color of that comment, another one that wasn’t intentionally selected will be changed

  11. scrolls to bottom on resize

  12. other window scrolls around when you edit

  13. seeing comments for multiple docs at once

  14. can’t c-s v (preserve formatting) into comments

  15. can’t change comment color by in-line right click. So if inspector is locked to other editor, there’s no way to change a comment’s color

  16. synopsis wrong size on reopen if collapsed when closed

  17. selected comment outline/indicator in inspector not easy to see

  18. comments in inspector pane don’t wrap well sometimes, and a scroll bar appears, even if window is maximized or the comments pane is resized

  19. no way to add custom comment color to right click menu

Compile related (I know you’re currently working on this)
Compile doesn’t remember file type for format

Table background color not saved upon compiling to epub3

Tables pasted from excel don’t receive class in epub3: normally elements get a numbered scrivener class

HTML elements in compile only list “None”: apologies if this isn’t a bug and there’s some way to define/enable them elsewhere, but this section seems to be missing in the MacOS manual.

Custom css stylesheet is put before scrivener css. should come after to override default styles.

Header elements (h1, h2, etc) aren’t used for titles

This one’s important for highly formatted Kindle books. Allow customizing names of classes in epub compiles: right now, they’re just given names like scrivener, scrivener2, and so on. It would be very useful to be able to name these. Right now it’s very hard to style the output of epubs. Since custom CSS is already allowed, this seems like an oversight.

Hi Shaun,

Thank You for the nice compilation of issues. I will write a longer reply later on, but some quick info:

The custom style sheets will be after the scrivener style sheets in the next release.

Being able to use your own custom “scrivener1/2/3/4…” style names cannot be implemented at the moment. These styles are auto-generated based on the final compiled formatting used in the book. Something that might help is probably use the Scrivener styles, and format all your text with a specific style, or reformat your book with a specific style when you compile it at the end.

If you mark your text with header levels “Format > Paragraph > HTML Header Level” these levels should be used in your eBook.

About “19. no way to add custom comment color to right click menu”. Indeed there is a “More…” right click on comments entry, which allows you to specify your own comment color. Inspector Footnotes can have one and only color, which can be adjusted inside the Appearance Options. Is it something that you missed, or you are talking about something else?

That might work. How would I go about setting it up? Right now, it still adds scrivener1/2… class even with a style applied.

It would be nice in the future though if Scrivener could at least use semantic css class names.

I’m talking about, for instance, the auto-generated chapter numbers. They don’t exist in my text for me to apply formatting to them. The OSX version (which I realize uses a different compiler) has a dropdown which sounds exactly like what you mention, with “Body Text”, and “Heading 1-6”, which will add h1-6 tags depending on what you select. Except on OSX, it’s on the compile screen so I can apply it to auto-generated headers.

But this is missing on windows:

I tried changing the style to “Heading 1”, as you can see, but it still uses “scrivener#” classes.

Yeah, I’m talking about adding a custom color, and then have it show up on the menu along with “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple” instead of having to open the “More…” every time. I use grey for comments that aren’t relevant but still contain information I might need in the future, and it’d be nice to have it on that main right-click menu.

Actually, never mind the second one. Selecting Heading 1 style does indeed add it as an h1.

One thing which seems like a bug, is I have it set to add blank lines, and it adds them like this:




Those should be undecorated br’s or spans