List of Changes Compared to Latest Beta 049

But what are the improvements compared to latest Beta 049?
Could you please provide us with a change list as you did for the beta versions before?

Many thanks for Windows 1.0 version!

It’s been mostly bug fixes, rather than improvements. A lot of the quirkiness in the compile (and particularly e-book format) process has been smoothed out. Some performance boosts are in place. The main new feature is automatic backups. You’ll notice the File menu now sports a few new backup options and there is a new Options tab for changing how this works—but basically it’s one of those features you can just let be and it will handle things sensibly by default. Every time you close the project, you get a backup. The sixth rolls off so as to keep this backup folder from accumulating too much clutter. Practically everything I just said can be adjusted in that tab though. See §6.7 in the new PDF for details.