List of Ctrl and Alt settings

Forgive me if I have asked this before (could not find it under “view your posts”). Is there a list somewhere of the Alt and Ctrl options? Couldn’t find it in the manual. Thanks!

Appendix A, page 228 help? … df#page228

Or… … r-windows/


Move Item Up: Ctrl+Up
Remove Item Shift+Del
Move Item Down: Ctrl+Down
Move Item Left: Ctrl+Left
Move Item Right: Ctrl+Right
Split At Selection: Ctrl+K
Split With Selection as name: Ctrl+Shift+K
Set Selection as name: F2
Duplicate Item With SubDocuments: Ctrl+D
Duplicate Item Without SubDocuments: Ctrl+Shift+D
Take Snapshot: Ctrl+5
Take Snapshot With name: Ctrl+Shift+5
Open in Editor: Ctrl+Shift+Return
Open in Other Editor: Ctrl+Alt+Return
Open In External Editor: Ctrl+F5
Group Selection: Ctrl+G
UnGroup Selection: Ctrl+Shift+U
Merge Documents: Ctrl+M


Add Current To Completions: Ctrl+Alt+=
Show Spelling: Ctrl+8, B
Insert Image: Ctrl+Shift+H
Insert Current Date and Time: Ctrl+F6
Project Search: Ctrl+Shift+G
Undo: Ctrl+Z
Redo: Ctrl+Y
Cut: Ctrl+X
Copy: Ctrl+C
Paste: Ctrl+V
Select All: Ctrl+A
Find Dialog: Ctrl+F
Find Next: F3
Find Previous: Shift+F3
Replace And Find Next: Ctrl+H
Paste And Match Style: Ctrl+Shift+V
Find By Format Dialog: Ctrl+F3
Find Next By Format: Ctrl+Shift+F3
Find Previous By Format: Ctrl+Alt+F3
Complete Current Word: Alt+=
Complete Current name: Ctrl+Alt+4


New Project: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N
Open Project: Ctrl+O
Page Setup: Ctrl+Shift+P
Print: Ctrl+P
Close Project: Ctrl+F4
Save: Ctrl+S
Save As: Ctrl+Shift+S
Compile: Ctrl+Shift+E
Import Files: Ctrl+Shift+J
Import Web Page: Ctrl+Shift+W
Export Files: Ctrl+Shift+X


Toggle Invisibles: Ctrl+Shift+
Toggle Ghost Notes: Ctrl+Shift+7
Show Citations: Ctrl+8, C
Toggle Ruler: Ctrl+Shift+R
Fonts: F4
Toggle FormatBar: Alt+Right
Toggle Typewriter Scrolling: Meta+Ctrl+T
Annotation: Ctrl+Shift+A
Footnote: Ctrl+Shift+F
Script Writing: Ctrl+4
Outlined: Ctrl+;
Script Elements Popup: Ctrl+
Strike Through: Ctrl+Shift±
Bold: Ctrl+B
Enlarge Font: Ctrl+>
Italic: Ctrl+I
Shrink Font: Ctrl+<
Underlined: Ctrl+U
Super Script: Ctrl+Alt+]
Sub Script: Ctrl+Alt+[
To name Case: Ctrl+6
To Smart Quotes: Ctrl+ To Straight Quotes: Ctrl+Shift+
To Single Spaces: Ctrl+Space
Align Left: Ctrl+L
Copy Style: Ctrl+Shift+C
Align Center: Ctrl+E
Paste Style: Ctrl+Shift+Y
Align Justified: Ctrl+J
Copy Ruler: Ctrl+Alt+7
Align Right: Ctrl+R
Paste Ruler: Ctrl+Alt+8
Single Line Spacing: Ctrl+Shift+1
Double Line Spacing: Ctrl+Shift+2
Single Half Line Spacing: Ctrl+Shift+3


Full Screen Keywords: Ctrl+Alt+6
Full Screen Go To: Ctrl+Alt+5


Scrivener Manual: F1


Increase Left Indent: Ctrl+Q
Decrease Left Indent: Ctrl+Shift+Q
Increase Text Indent: Ctrl+T
Decrease Text Indent: Ctrl+Shift+T


Project Statistics: Ctrl+.
Text Statistics: Ctrl+/
Add New Text: Ctrl+N
Project Targets: Ctrl+,
Add New Folder: Ctrl+Shift+N
Toggle Keywords HUD: Ctrl+Shift+G
Edit Meta Data: Ctrl+Shift+M
Show Auto Complete List: Ctrl+Shift+4


Toggle Scratch Pad: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P
Preferences: F12


Previous Container: Ctrl+Shift+Up
Next Container: Ctrl+Shift+Down
Previous Document: Alt+Shift+Left
Next Document: Alt+Shift+Right
Enclosing Group: Alt+Shift+Up
Editor Selection: Alt+Shift+Down
Toggle Main ToolBar: Alt+Left
Toggle Collections: Ctrl+Shift+9
Toggle Editor HeaderBar: Alt+Up
Play Pause Action: Ctrl+Return
Toggle Editor FooterBar: Alt+Down
Fast Forward Action: Ctrl+}
Rewind Action: Ctrl+{
Current Editor Back: Ctrl+[
Current Editor Forward: Ctrl+]
Alternate Editor Back:
Alternate Editor Forward:
Show Binder Tint: F5
Show Icon Tint: F6
Show Index Card Tint: F7
Show Outliner Tint: F8
Focus Next Major Element: Ctrl+Tab
Reveal In Binder: Ctrl+Shift+8
Show Index Card Label: F9
Show Index Card Status: F10
Show Index Card Keywords: Ctrl+F12
Toggle Binder: Ctrl+Shift+B
Toggle Inspector: Ctrl+Shift+I
Toggle FullScreen: F11
No Editor Split: Ctrl+’
Horizontal Editor Split: Ctrl++
Vertical Editor Split: Ctrl+Shift+’
Show Text: Ctrl+1
Show Corkboard: Ctrl+2
Show Outliner: Ctrl+3
Toggle Editor Lock: Ctrl+Shift+L
Zoom In: Ctrl+=
Zoom Out: Ctrl±

Many thanks! But both the Larson link and the manual PDF are blank when it comes to Expand All and Collapse All. I also noted the Keyboard shortcuts are blank on this matter (see photo attached). But, thank goodness it works! :wink:

I am not a Windows user, but I believe that it is possible for users to set their own keyboard shortcuts if they want to.

Your original question didn’t mention expand all and collapse all, but it sounds as though you’re happy now anyway. Hope so.

If you mean expand and collapse all in the binder, then a keyboard and mouse combination is available…

APPENDIX A, PAGE 238 … df#page228

Oh, yes, and your information pointed me in some very useful directions and got me thinking about how I can use the keyboard shortcuts more effectively and efficiently. Many thanks!

Happy to help.