List of current projects

I am new to the software and am working my way through the videos and such, but I am not finding any indication as to whether there is someplace where you can find a list of current projects.

If I have a project open, I can find a drop-down to other recent projects, but I would like to move between projects sometimes or pick the one I want to work on and am wondering if there is an actual list.

Thanks very much.

Hi, and welcome!

When you have Scrivener open, if you go to the Window menu up top, down at the bottom is a list of all the currently open Scrivener projects. There will be a checkmark next to the active window and a diamond next to any that are minimized. Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks for your reply. I guess I was thinking of a page like the one where you sign on and pick a template, such as novel, short story etc.

I don’t see anything like that that lists your current projects.

Ah, no. The File>Recent Projects list will populate as you open different projects, so that can be a quick way to get to projects you’re working on frequently, but there’s not a graphical list the way there is with the template chooser. If you store all your projects in the same folder, though, it’s not hard to grab the one you want when you go to open a file; it will remember the last location. Just name your projects something meaningful. :wink: