List of Features that Don't Yet Work?

Hello, I really appreciate the availability of the beta of Scrivener for Linux. I’ve noticed some features are either not working yet or are failing on my computer (64-bit Ubuntu 12.04).

Is there a list of features that do not yet work?

So far I’ve noticed:

  • Webpages fail to import into my Research folder.
  • Columns in Outline mode are not sortable.

Are there other features not yet working?

The ScratchPad hasn’t even worked for me on Linux, which is sad because it may be my favorite feature.

There is a work-around that works for some, but not all, linux installs:


Admittedly, the work-around is a bit clumsy, but workable.

However, I think that a more elegant alternative for Linux users is a very nice Qt note-taking app called “Noblenote” It’s designed to work cross-platform, and to synchronize with DropBox, etc., but that’s an optional choice. It uses rich text editing, and saves files in HTML 4.0 format. I like it. Simple, elegant, and fast. … ent=157713