List of Figures

Is there an easier way to create a List of Figures with Scrivener than to force each figure to be its own document and then create the list of figures the same way you would do a TIC for a pdf document?

There isn’t a really easy or good way to do this in Scrivener. It doesn’t have a formal captioning system, which is what is usually used as the anchor points for such listing mechanism in programs designed to create these sorts of documents, nor does it have point-to-point referencing of anchors (also typically a secondary function of the caption element) and finally it has no page layout engine, which is what you need to discover where an anchor point falls within a document.

I use LaTeX once a work gets to the point where things like lists of figures are relevant, but other people prefer other more visual systems like InDesign or Scribus.

I can say that if you use MMD and inline figure formatting, then the export via MMD (and I think Pandoc) to ODT or DOCX creates proper figure captions, and therefore you can then automatically generate a list of figures without much fuss…