List of recently exported filenames

I’m working in Scrivener 1.11 at present, and as part of my backup cycle I export a copy of my book-in-progress every day (as RTF or Word – hopefully as ODT in another release or so). (I’m cross-platform, so I need an editable whole-book document for synchronization with my non-Mac machines.)

Anyway: I noticed that the File->Export->Files… dialog remembers the last directory I was in, but doesn’t maintain any other state-related memory (e.g. the name of the last file I exported, or its filetype). Is it possible to add either a one-off memory that persists across sessions so I don’t have to keep typing the same filename? Even better would be a list of the last five exported files (and their associated location, format, and notes and meta-data settings), so that I can easily export a number of different versions (e.g. an RTF copy with no notes and a DOC version with notes and all meta-data)?

The BACKUP PROJECT TO (shift+command+S) makes a backup with the file name and date and then zips it…

Hi, Export Files should remember the file type, and which elements are checked to be included (as well as the directory). Other than that, though, it is intended to be fairly basic - remembering the last five files etc is beyond the scope of the standard Apple Save dialogue box.
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