List of things to do

When I write, I tend to make things up as I go along. :slight_smile:
I’d like to specific sentences notated and a list of those sentences and the folder/doc they are in.
For example, I might type - 87% of users like this product - and I want to highlight that line and later confirm with a substantive source the real percentage (which I made up when I typed it). Then, when I have research time booked, I’d like to list out all those sentences and know exactly what I’m researching. I don’t want to hunt through all the folders to find them one by one. Any thoughts?

I use several of Scrivener’s tools for tracking what needs to be done within my projects. Not all of the following links will be directly applicable to what you describe, but they all might give you some ideas.

Specifically for the type of stuff you describe, inline annotations! If I jot something down that I’m not sure of and want to look up some sources, I hit the Shift-Cmd-A shortcut and type in “RSRCH//”. A tip of the hat to Vernor Vinge for sharing his own similar token system, upon which I based mine. I added the “//” to keep these things easy to search for. A search collection looking for “//” gets all the notes I’ve jotted down. A search for “TODO//HIGH//” only grabs the stuff that is really important. A search for “POST//” brings up my post-compile checklist—issues to look for in the formatting of the document and so forth. The list goes on! I keep all of my little codes in the Inspector sidebar as a Project Bookmark. Project Bookmarks are a good place to jot down notes to self as well.

Feel free to run some of your own searches as well, I surely missed a conversation or two.

Thank you! This gets me what I need. Appreciate the assist.