List problems

I apologise for not noting these when run into a few weeks ago, but now see the brakes have been on probably due to NanoWriMo, and there’s a moment free to set them down here, hoping to yet do some good.

  • I suspect the root of complication may be that lists don’t actually translate yet between Ipad and Windows verrsions.
  • if you make a line a list item in iPad, it isn’t in Windows Scrivener
  • Thus the notion of indenting isn’t carried over either.
  • Rather, list indents on Windows become widely-indented tabs on iPad
  • While list indents on iPad become somehow indented properly (about 3 em), but are not susceptable to de-tabbing to de-indent

I’ve seen more, as in first running into this, where closing up two lines and breaking them again in a list got quite confused, but suspect that if these basics work correctly, the odder things may well go away.

Kind regards,

p.s. I think these problems also get into requesting un-needed syncing, as each end changes the internal formatting when encountering list items that had been created or moved in the other.