List Ruler Settings Not Saved

I have a book for a client that is full of bulleted and numbered lists. I have to compile for Kindle. I prefer the lists flush left because I like the way they compile, without the first line indent. I reset the ruler on all the bullets / numbered lists. However, after I close Scrivener and open the book back up, the lists revert to the standard ruler settings - therefore I have to reformat them all over again. I tried Preserve Formatting - same thing happened. I’ve attached screen shots of a test document where I tried to find a setting or a method to stop this from happening. Any ideas? Thanks.

Nothing? Did I do something wrong? This is my first post on the forum. Did I break some rule?

No, no rules broken. Sometimes posts get lost in the shuffle, and sometimes there aren’t any ready answers available from forum visitors (the vast majority of post responses are by people not affiliated with Literature and Latte).

If you don’t get any help here via the forums, try sending the same message to their support email. That should put you in a queue that won’t get overlooked, and the real experts will be able to address your issue.

Good luck!

To get the alignment you’re after, move just the first-line indent marker to zero. Moving the left indent also is pushing the bullets into the margin, which I believe is why they’re bouncing back after closing and reopening the project. Just moving the first-line indent will avoid that problem, and your list will compile with the bullet text all evenly aligned.

RDale: I’ll be more patient in the future. Thanks for the info.

MimeticMouton: Thank you so much! Your observation was right on and now it works exactly as I would like.