List tool problem

I’m taking notes for college and using the multiple level lists. I’ve run across a problem where after I get so far down I can’t backspace back to the first level bullet points for a new list. I backspace but instead of the tab moving back to the left justify, it simply backs up to the previous line of the current list. I have to manually move the tab over so I can begin with the upper level of a list. Also tried using the None option in the list tool but can not get the tab to move to the left justify. Even the left justify format button will not move it over.

Hope this makes sense. this is very aggravating especially when taking notes in class and needing to follow along but too busy manually moving tabs around.

Have you tried using Shift-Tab to back up the indent level? I haven’t reproduced the problem you’re seeing, but that shouldn’t ever back you up to the previous line. If it’s a new list, you could also hit Return a couple times to get out of the list mode, then restart the list mode, though that would involve more clicking around so I’m assuming it’s less ideal.