List with check boxes in Scrivener

Hi, I try to keep as much of my novel in Scrivener, including research. However, since I can’t find an easy way to do check boxes I keep an Evernote folder on the side. Is there any news on making a list with check boxes in Scrivener? Obviously I can put X’s in front of a list or something, but check boxes works really nice.
I read something on the mac part of the forum:
Well, if there’s any news I’d appreciate the heads up.

If you’re already keeping a separate window off to the side, then I think the advice I give in the original discussion I linked to in that thread will be of use to you. Instead of a separate window, you can use one of the split views in Scrivener to create lists using the outliner, and then one of the techniques described to check things off as you go.

This will be nicer in the beta, where you can actually create checkboxes to signify when something is done, and put them in the outliner as a column (instead of subverting the “Include in Compile” checkbox). But the latter is still a viable option, since chances are these kinds of lists aren’t going to be in the Draft folder anyway, or anything you’d ever want to compile.

In one of my projects I have to go through a longish checklist many times. sometimes writing, and usually checking. I have set of check icons as well as red colored flag and a couple others. 98% of the time I just use the check icon. You could put these in project notes. So, I copy it and can normally just press CTRL-V to paste the neat looking check mark icon.

Until I copy something else, I can just press ctrl-v whenever I need a checkmark. Sometimes I copy something so need to copy the checkmark again, and sometimes I want to use the red flag instead.

You might find this useful.