Listed by date

In the IOS’S tutorial, Working with Projects > The Projects Screen > you said “whereas the grid of projects on the right is listed by date, with the most edited listed first”. What does it mean exactly? The grid does not simply move from one location to another ? And if not, what is the trick on iPhone to listed projects by date ?
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Are you working on just the iPhone? On the iPad the projects are displayed as boxes in a grid and I do believe that they are arranged by date edited.

On the iPhone there is no grid and it seems that the projects are always arranged alphabetically. I could be wrong I haven’t used the iPhone app very much.

NoodleFueled is right. Currently, the list is always alphabetical. On the iPad all projects are also listed in a grid ordered by newest-modified. I plan to add an option to allow users to sort the list by date, too, so that you can will be able to do this on the iPhone.

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Thank you for your replies !
I welcome this option on iPhone !