Listing of placeholder tag usage

I’m using $n to increment an attachment counter to track figures in my document with syntax <n:image:name_of_document. All going well.

I’m looking for an easy way to get list of the names of the documents referenced by name_of_document.

Any suggestions?


Actually, I am here to support your demand.
I would need this list for my figures and tables.
Actually I need the list and the page, almost like a TOC but for special placeholder.

I think I will I will put this Idea into the wish list.

Wouldn’t doing a project search for the counter token return a list of everything referring to the figure, as well as the figure itself?

Not quite- it shows me where the text is but what I really want is just a list. I am sure there is some clever script- but not my skill.

Probably related, I would like to have in my front-matter a list of tables that when exported will look like this:

Table 1: Bound pronouns 18 Table 2: free pronouns 22 Table 3: Incorporated verb forms 38 Table 4...

You get the idea.

Finding the placeholder tags is no problem, but it seems to me there’d be no way of linking to them, as they aren’t documents and scrivener cannot seem to link to anything that isn’t a document (I know you can link to tables and figures if you have that in your binder, but I don’t keep my tables there; I just insert them into the text).

I don’t know how one would go about being able to have a placeholder like <$p> return the page number of the page on which a particular placeholder tag appears, but it would be nice.

Can anyone think of another way I might produce this tables list?

There is no way to really do any of that, sorry to say. It’s worth noting that Scrivener isn’t really designed to publish books, it is all about the writing phase. There are plenty of other programs for publishing content into final form.