Listing Order in the Recent List

In which order the files/folders are listed in the Recent list? I expected the file edited last be at the top, but it does not seem to be the case.
I just edited a bunch of files, they all show up in the Recent list, but now I am back to working on one scene and have to constantly scroll down to get to it, my previous edits are still listed first.
Am I missing something?
Thank you.

The recents list is populated by the most recently opened - it’s essentially a history. It has nothing to do with editing a file - you only need to open a file for it to appear in and move up the Recents list.

I see, when I opened the file from Manuscript, it moved to the top of the Recents list. I guess, it is a question of choice. I am just used to the Recent Files behavior in many desktop applications, where the list self-updates when used to open files.
Thank you for the quick response!

The reason it works as it does is so that you can easily switch between research documents and your writing. So you could load some text, then load a PDF document you want to refer to. Once you’ve done that, you only ever have to bring up Recents and tap the top document to switch between the two. This is particularly useful on the iPhone where there is no way of splitting the editor.

All the best,

Got it. Totally makes sense.