Lists/Bullet Points with "Option + Tab"

Hello everyone,

I’ve been following everyone’s boards on how to take research notes or brainstorm using lists. The bullet point options seem quite buggy and also difficult to turn on and off when you’re writing quickly.

Someone suggested using Option + Tab in order to quickly add a bullet point. This works really well.

My question is: how do I adjust the line spacing when using “Option + Tab” to create a quick list? The default line spacing between bullet points is way too large for me! I don’t want to have to adjust it every time, so how can I change the default settings of the line spacing with Option + Tab?

Thank you for all help

As a general rule of thumb, there is very little control over how lists work, even from our side. You can see the same exact type of behaviour for just about every aspect of them, including all of the known bugs and glitches, using Apple’s free TextEdit program.

That said, for this particular matter, isn’t the line height just based on the height of the text above the list when you create it? I use 1.1 to add just a small amount of breathing room to this font’s default leading. And when I make a list (using any method of doing so), I get 1.1 list lines that do not look out of place with the context.