Lists in not staying selected when hitting enter to go to next item in list

When I try to use ‘Lists’ in this version of the beta, they don’t stay selected all of the time.

Let’s say I do an unordered list. I click on the button for unordered list and the list starts as expected, but when I hit enter to go to the next item, the list is no longer engaged so I have to select it again. This isn’t that big of a problem for un-ordered lists, but it is cumbersome.

For ordered lists I am experiencing the same problem as above, but when it shuts off, just selecting it again is useless because the list starts over at ‘1’ and there is no way to change it to ‘2’ or whatever the next number or letter should be.

Note that occasionally this works as expected, but more times than not, it fails.

Would appreciate anything you can do to fix this issue.

Thank you.

L&L: I wonder if it is related to this:

I have checked out the referenced article and it does not match my problem. I am only using a single level list and the real interesting this is that in one document of my project it seems to work fine, and in another document it does not. This makes no sense in terms of repeatability.

Also, I was working in a document earlier (using unordered list) and I had to re-click on the list icon for each new item. I just went back to the same document and now it is working as it should, but in another new document in the same project, it does not work.