Lists in MultiMarkdown


Apologies if this is somewhat of a newbie question, I have combed the boards, read the documentation and installed the latest version of MMD, but the issue is still happening. I am writing in Scrivener in MMD. Export to RTF and then open in Pages to do final formatting. All is working fine except lists. After a bulleted list the next paragraph is “stuck” directly beneath the list without any empty line beneath it.

Adding 1 (or several) lines in Scrivener does not help either, I even tried to add manual
by inserting a double space enter, but the problem keeps on occuring. I am sure I am missing something fairly obvious, for which I apologize, but the thing is driving me “bonkers” so to speak. Any hints would be very welcome.

Many thanks in advance,


Have you brought this up on the MMD discussion board? This isn’t really something Scrivener can do much about as it is how MMD creates RTF files that is causing the problem. It looks like it’s styling paragraphs with an after-space only, and so lists do not get the benefit of spacing in the paragraph following.