Yet another piece of organizational software:

Haven’t given it much of a go myself. Anyone had much experience with it? It looked cool, but how does it compare to similar programs?

Hi Khadrelt,

I tried this out but it was a little strange to use. When selecting a tab of notes the other notes slid around and rearranged and I found this kind of confusing. It’s hard to explain so you should try it out. I think something like Yojimbo or Devonnote would serve the same purpose and possibly offer more. Just my 2 cents of course.

From the website: “It’s lists with tabs - it’s totally natural.”

This doesn’t make me very confident.

Hi, RobertB;

I hope you won’t quit looking at Listz too quickly. I’ve been using the Listz betas for months now, and the app has become a centerpiece for my computing day. It’s where my computing day begins, and where it finally ends. It’s been pleasant, versatile, and reliable, even though its developers are still labeling it a “beta.â€

Incidentally, I just had an email exchange with the Listz developers. They recognize that some of us get a bit confused about how the Tab movement works, so they’re going to find a way to make this behavior more understandable.

As I said, extremely responsive. :slight_smile: