Lit 'n Latte Forum HTML Rendering Issue on iMac w/Chrome?


Thought KB might like to know about a seemingly persistent issue accessing the Literature and Latte Forum using Google Chrome on an iMac running OS X Lion.

Ever since I started using Scrivener, I’ve consistently experienced the same problem when attempting to login to the Forum using Chrome; here’s a relevant screenshot:


And…the L&L Forum is readily accessible on the same computer when using Safari (a real mystery, since the core of both browsers is WebKit); for example:


This tiny issue merits priority 814 out of KB’s Top 10…and I thought he’d like to know…just in case it’s affecting other user’s User Experience.

Best to all…
Plane Wryter

Are you using any kind of extensions that might be looking for and “enhancing” social linkages? I’m using Chrome right now and everything looks fine with the login screen to me.

try deleting the cookie