Literature & Latte appears in Safari cookies?

Littérature & Latte cookie appears in Safari data even when I’ve not navigated there?

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If you’ve visited this forum, you’ve visited

We have no connection with “Littérature & Latte,” so if that wasn’t a typo and is what you actually meant you would need to contact them.

You are correct. The cookie is “”. But this is after I dumped all of my web data from safari preferences… three times (with no visits to this site or any others, between). What could persist? Does the Mac Scrivener application (or any other code) communicate on a back channel with Anyone else seeing this?

Scrivener periodically checks for updates, if you have the option to do so enabled. (Scrivener → Preferences → General → Startup)

I don’t know anything about Safari, but some browsers will attempt to load or cache data in the background for things like bookmarks or pinned sites, so that they are faster to load when you use them, or to fetch assets such as the favicon.

The periodic update check comes directly from the software to our server and doesn’t store any cookies. It doesn’t go through your default system web browser. You would notice it opening in the background if it did.

This available update checking process happens through Safari?

I feel I answered that question in my previous post.

The software makes a direct connection, very few programs will fire up a web browser to run an update check.