Literature Review: 2 projects & Links?

I’ve started using Scrivener for doing my PhD Literature Review. I’ve adjusted the template to suit my workflow needs (labels:book/journal article/generic and Status: read /unread /re-read/not worth it) - using keywords to show themes across various Literature but my questions is:

how to set up a link between 2 Scrivener Projects?

I have my PhD Thesis as 1 scrivener project & I’d like to create some links to the Literature Review Project.

I know I could import the Literature Review into Scrivener- but its big and I’m worried that it will crash my thesis project.

You can create a link to a document in another project by dragging the document from the binder to the document or project reference list in the other project. Double-clicking the link will open the project with that document loaded in the editor and revealed in the binder. You could alternatively right-click a document in the binder and choose “Copy Document Link”, then paste the URL into the Edit > Add Link field to create a link within a document of the other project. (Or just paste the URL straight into the editor, if you don’t want it as a link on other anchor text.)

Thanks, I’m going to try this now.


Worked perfectly…thanks for your response.