Little Help (Novel Standard Manuscript Format)

Hi all,

I’ve just started a brand new project after upgrading to a later version of Scrivener, and noticed this spiffy ‘Novel Standard Manuscript Format’ which I’ve started using, and first of all I LOVE IT! Second, can anyone tell me where I can edit whatever it is to change the ‘CHAPTER’ titles and get rid of the subtitles, please? I think it has something to do with the ‘Groups’, but I can’t find it.

Little help! ^^

When you click on a group and it shows the corkboard, click on the corkboard icon to hide the corkboard and show the underlying text. (Remember that the only real difference between text documents and groups is the icon and the fact that groups open in corkboard mode by default.)

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Oh, I get it ^^

Cheers, Keith.

Keep up the good work =)