Little help uploading to iCloud?

Hey, everyone. I thought I’d ask for help in getting my work backed up on iCloud. For some reason I’m getting errors when I try to back my work up to Dropbox (I don’t mean syncing, I mean the zip file), so I thought I’d try iCloud because I have nothing on it but pictures of women who want to date me, so it’s pretty empty.

So I got to the projects page, select Edit, hit the circle by my project, then tap the upward arrow with the box. It says it’s creating an archive and that runs for a bit. Then It says choose how to send. There’s no “send to iCloud” anywhere, so I tap “Save to Files.” Then I see the iCloud drive and I choose my Backup Folder. I tap Save and then bang, the screen closes. It doesn’t crash, but there’s no indication that it’s uploading anything to anywhere.

If I close out of Scrivener and go to my Files folder (I’m on the latest version of iPadOS, I see my four backups. They all say Zip and the name of my project. One of them has a cloud with a downward arrow on it. (I don’t know what this means). the other three have the right upper corner folded over. Are these three saved to my iPad memory or are they in iCloud? I have no idea how to tell if I’ve done this right.

Once you see the backups in the Files app, Scrivener’s part of the process is done. They’ll now be uploaded to iCloud (or not) depending on the Files app’s settings. See Apple’s support materials for more information:


If I wanted to verify something had been saved to iCloud Drive, I would check via the browser. You list Win, so if you have a PC available, navigate to via the PC, sign in with your Apple ID, and see if your zipped backup files are in iCloud Drive.


They are still on the iPad, and will also be uploaded to the iCloud server.