Little Introduction

Usually I don’t like introductions in forums and avoid them as often as I can because people will get to know me with reading my posts or profile anyway.
But here, it’s a little bit different: I’m not that experienced with writing and I think you should know that, so you can rate my opinions better.

When I was younger, I liked to write little stories on my typewriter (though I had a PC already) and a friend of mine liked them, too. These story weren’t too great and they are lost now.
Then, I started Pen&Paper-Roleplaying which kind of linked to writing stories but also completely different. Quickly I wanted to get rid of all these dice and rules to make the gameplay easier and let the part shine that seemed most important to me: The story, not those bunches of numbers.
However, after years of playing these RPGs, one day I decided that I didn’t want to play roles anymore but be myself, but I still wanted to “dive” into other worlds and stories.
So I came back to writing. Still, I’m not very experienced with writing, but I think I’m good with language (Which means, with my first language: German), so currently I started with some fan-fiction. I want to make some long, interesting story of it and I currently post ~1 page in my fan-fiction forum (which evolved of one RPG-Forum). The story is settled in some sci-fi scenario underwater, the world of Archimedean Dynasty and Aquanox (these are computer games).
I found Scrivener after I discovered StoryMill and Avenir and talked about them in a forum. Peter Maurer (you may know him, he’s one of the Many Tricks-Team) mentioned Scrivener and I liked it more because it looked less overloaded but still supporting my writing.

Did I really write “Little Introduction”? It got really bloated up :smiley: Hopefully I can write that much in my stories and hopefully they are more interesting…

Willkommen, Corny. Nice to have you with us :smiley:

Danke schön / Thanks :slight_smile: