Little numbers above and at the end of words.

Can anyone please direct me as to how i can insert the little numbers that are often seen at the end of words, but that are raised up from the regular line of type? These numbers are useful for referring to notes elsewhere, probably at the end of the writing.
Thank you.

Hi Robin,
Those little numbers are usually associated with footnotes, endnotes, or references.

Try doing a search for ‘footnote’ and you will see a lot of discussion regarding how footnotes work in Scrivener.

If you don’t want to create footnotes and endnotes, but just want the numbers, you can set text to either ‘superscript’ (raised) or ‘subscript’ (lowered) by clicking on the Text Menu, then choosing Font -> Baseline -> [Superscript | Subscript]


Thank you Matt.
Yes the Superscript works. However as you thought, I am really wanting to do endnotes and footnotes. Having looked up footnotes I see that it is a bit of a can of worms. I shall have to have a latte and try to get my head around it in due course. :confused:
Thank you again.