Live Copy of Text in Multiple Places

Hi there, I’m aware that you can use a Scrivener Link to give a hyperlink from where you are in the text to somewhere else in the text, but when compiled this also compiles as a hyperlink. What I want to do is actually have the material inserted in multiple places, live, whilst only writing it once. Document embedding: but a Scrivener document, not an external file.

So, like a Scrivener Link from (here) to document X, but actually inserts the contents of document X, and updates automatically whenever I update document X.

At the moment I can fudge this behaviour with some front matter by having two keywords for each part of it and compiling the two separate documents within the single Scrivener project by compiling the search results on each keyword (all sections in each document are tagged with one keyword or the other). But this only works because those sections are at the front of each document.

There are sections of one document I would like to include in the other, but the position could be arbitrary. I know I can just duplicate the document and put the copy wherever I like, but I would prefer it were live so I only have to update it once if I change it.

Hopefully I’ve just missed something really obvious!

I’m afraid this isn’t possible. You can sort of do it with the autocomplete function, but that’s best used for words or short phrases, not sentences or paragraphs.