Live Dropbox Doc File

It would be really helpful to be able to make a Storyline (or a nominated group) a live document on its own that could be kept on Dropbox and would sync with both platforms Osx and Windows. At the moment it seems that the whole project has to be in the Dropbox - and with the different way in which the Osx and Windows files are stored it seems to be quite a complex process, when perhaps all that’s needed is to work on a single storyline. [I apologise in advance if I’ve missed a way of doing this!!]

I’m not sure what you’ve heard about Dropbox and using multiple platforms to edit a project, but it is not typically a complicated or problematic thing, so long as one is careful to be aware of the mechanics of sync and avoids actions that confuse it. Granted, lots of people don’t really know the basics of how stuff like Dropbox works, and end up with messes as a result, maybe that is what you’ve heard of. With careful usage however there is very little risk, and both Mac and PC work identically on the same exact format. It’s important to keep in mind that most people having sync issues are in that situation because the actions they take when switching computers are roughly on par with ripping a USB thumb drive out of one computer before software has a chance to finish saving to it, then merging the results of that incomplete copy with an old version, and expecting it to be up to date and perfectly coherent. :slight_smile:

You may run into fonts reverting to system defaults when switching platforms. There are differences in how the two platforms address fonts; not all fonts are referred to the same way on both platforms. That’s not typically a major problem since (a) one can sort of just ignore formatting altogether in Scrivener anyway for stuff like fonts, thanks to the compiler and (b) it’s super easy to reset the formatting with the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style… menu command. There are a few other cross-platform issues to be aware of, most not things that would impact what we’re talking about here.

Thanks Amber. I made the suggestion because, while I can sync whole projects in quite a fiddly way, there doesn’t seem to be a way in which I can sync - say a couple of scenes - across platforms. I’m using the sync to external files fine but obviously that takes me out of Scrivener (and there isn’t a corresponding sync with the pc version.

Got it. The feature you’re referring to on the Mac was never designed for that kind of thing anyway—as you note it’s more about taking content out of Scrivener (usually so that it can be edited on a phone or something). Effectively merging two different projects together (even if they seem the same on the surface) is quite a bit more complicated. The numbers you see in the filenames would have to be duplicated for every single machine that touched it, and each machine would have to identify which number referring to its own internal copy, so you’d end up with horrible filenames like, scene a -My MacBook Pro:92- -Work PC:87- -iMac at Home:88-.txt. :slight_smile: And frankly even that would be a bit scary and fragile. There is a limit to how much addressing information we can pack into the one place that is universal meta-data, the filename, while still keeping that filename useful for humans.

So, yeah, sorry to say, we don’t have any plans for making some kind of “sync pool” that a group of projects could share. If we didn’t live in a world with cheap and fast cloud servers and the ability to sync the whole project, maybe it would be something worth the effort, but most people do just want the whole project available wherever they go. Even the iOS version will work that way.