'Live' pane in split screen

Not sure if this is a bug or, more likely, me misunderstanding the feature, but I’m having an issue.

When I’m using the spot screen in document view, my understanding is that whichever is highlighted with the blue bar is the ‘live’ one that will load anything I click on in the binder. However this isn’t working for me like that.

I can clearly see which is highlighted blue and can switch between the panes by clicking on the header, but clicking on a document in the binder then causes it to load in, seemingly, a random pane. I can’t even work out the logic of which is chosen, but it certainly isn’t necessarily the blue-highlighted one!

Help! And thanks.

Take a look at the Navigate->Binder Selection Affects menu. For the behaviour you’re expecting, it should be set to “Current Editor”.

If it was set differently from Current Editor, then likely it was set to whatever was by use of one of the sample layouts (Window->Layouts), or maybe an errant menu selection you didn’t mean to select.

Brilliant, thank you.

As it happens, I’m currently on a different Mac and it’s working fine, but there are clearly options in that menu that must be affecting my home Mac. I certainly didn’t change it deliberately as I didn’t even know it was there, but have been trying the layouts so it must be a setting in one of those.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Layouts definitely change the behaviour of the split editor, in terms of the Binder Selection Affects setting. I typically have Binder Selection Affects set to Right Editor Only. However, if I use the Three Pane Outline or Dual Navigation layouts and then revert back to default and then split the editor, Binder Selection Affects will have been reset to Current Editor.

Yeah, I’d assume that. I’ll have a play around tonight to see how I got to where I was, but at least I know how to correct it either way now.