Live Word Count?

I know: Scrivener shows the amount of words/chars at the bottom of the window. I m publishing my novel as a blog-roman (novel in german) i can select any part of the text inside a file and Bean shows me the number of words and chars of the selection. Is this possible in Scrievener too?
thanks for help in advance

: i still would like that Scrivener gives me the choice for dragging (in the prefs):
drag out text from a topic to the binder, Sc makes new topic in the binder (ok), but unfortunatly jumps/ focus to this new topic.

You can get the selected statistics by ctrl-clicking on the selection. The next update updates the footer statistics to show only the selected count when there is a selection, but for now you can get this information from the contextual menu.

As for your wish, the next update will add a “New” item at the top of the “Append Selection to Document” contextual/Edit menu, which will do what you want - whilst dragging to the binder will still give focus to the new document, using Append Selection to Document > New will create a new document from the selected text whilst leaving focus in the current document.

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Thanks for the tip, Keith. And sounds great about the next updates… Especially dragging. I was really looking for another tool, because i allways use dragging to the binder developing my ideas/text. (I used Mori before). Wainting for the update…

By the way, Wolfgang, if you hit cmd-shft-t you invoke the “project statistics”. You can set a word count for the whole project, and one for the “session”.

Then a bar fills up as you type, and a live word and character count shows how you’re going.

If you write one 900-word document per “session”, you could set your “session target” as 900 words.

I don’t know if this is any help to you. Hope so. I love this feature.


Would it be possible to highlight the statistics generated when control clicking on a section of text. The light grey is pretty easy to miss.

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Woops, sorry for the typo. Keith, Keith, Keith, not Kevin.

I do have a brother called Kevin (and parents who clearly have a streak of cruelty when it comes to nomenclature), but he has nothing to do with Scrivener. :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s grey because it is a disabled menu item - there’s no way to change the colour of the text or highlight for menu items in Cocoa. As I say, 2.0 will put the selection count in the footer, so it should be more obvious.
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