living with forced autosave - file/folder rearranging

I noticed the recent thread from Fletcher about forced autosave. I wrote in August and still think forced autosave should be ‘switch off’-able, especially when, as Fletcher says :

“The “full undo stack” doesn’t undo everything. It doesn’t undo file/folder rearranging, for instance”

BUT, I have a work-around for those of us who want to throw our ideas into one place and then really pull and push things around - see what happens if you put the end at the beginning, try omitting a character and see what the story turns into.

  1. With your main project open, Open a new, empty project.

  2. From there, drag and drop files/folders from the main project binder into the empty one.

  3. Make a mess. Play around., Break it up, join it together, throw stuff out, grab it back again from the main project.

  4. (By the way, this also solves for the people who wanted floating, multiple windows, if you want two windows open at the same time - just have a second project, or even a third)


If you use this method, make sure your process is one way only if you use snapshots at all. Dragging a document to another project loses them, so if you drag a new ordering back into your original project, and delete the old ordering, you’ll accidentally delete all of your snapshots. As long as you just play with the second (or third) project and then use it as a reference in your main project, you’ll be fine.


I just read that the next version of the beta will address this issue. So it is only relevant in b3.