load time

I use both macs and windows pcs, and I’ve been using Scrivener on mac for a while and love it. I just tried the windows version beta on my netbook running Windows 7, and found that it took 22-24 seconds to load after dismissing the expiration warning. I can’t live with this, even for a beta. PageFour loads on the same machine in 1-2 seconds.

I’m still excited about the possibility of using Scrivener on my netbook some day. I’ll try the next version when it’s available. Please keep working on it, and thanks.

Thanks for the feedback doug. As you know, this is a work in progress, so yes - please try again in a while when we have refined a few things. Glad you liked it, loading delay aside.

PageFour is rather simple in form and function. It lacks many of the features that make Scrivener what it is.

A few seconds more for features and ability of Scrivener. You can’t wait?

You must live a very busy life if 20 seconds stops you from using a well designed piece of software. I sure hope you don’t drive on any of the streets I drive on.

The load time is very annoying and this forum is for feedback. Granted this is still in beta version but for the most part I like it.

I hope norm311 isn’t a customer service rep. :wink:

I am not a representative of Scrivener in any way.

I am just a guy who has 20 seconds to spare for a good piece of software to load up. I am sure this will improve in later releases. I won’t throw the software away because of 20 seconds.

I spent countless hours over weeks and weeks trying to become comfortable and competent with another piece of writing software for windows. That software proved to be little more than a manual system on a computer, with extremely limited automated action between modes.

Oh, I have tried PageFour. I prefer Scrivener.

So, I have 20 seconds for Scrivener to load. The rest of Scrivener works amazing well in beta and so easy to learn. I have 20 seconds to spare for that.

I am sure that Lee will improve on the load times in future releases.

I appreciate Lee’s hard work to bring Scrivener to Windows. Thanks to Lee, Keith and the others on the Scrivener team. Great work!

I wouldn’t say the current load time is annoying but certainly unexpected and I think it’s fair to remark on it. The fact there’s no screen or message telling you Scrivener’s loading also makes it seem longer than it is, I think. That being said, Photoshop used to be much, much worse in this regard and it’s never stopped people from using it because it was worth waiting, wasn’t it?

I think that’s a good point. Some kind of flash window, with a progress bar or even just Sims style techno garble flickering by like “De-popping Indexing Arrays… Initialising Terra-project Sequencing Algorithms…” can make people feel more productive and calm, even though in reality—nothing different is really going on. :slight_smile:

Maybe they’ll get a chance to do something like that if it isn’t too much work.