loading playlists

Weird question for Ioa, but might be of interest to others.

So I’ve got a number of playlists linked within Scrivener. Problem is, Linux and Windows use different pathnames, and I’ve got my mp3s residing on its own partition. (So it looks like another drive from within WINE.) I’m using the WINE version more these days (tends to be a bit more reliable on a 64 bit system.) Am I stuck creating two different playlists, one for Linux, one for Windows? Or should I set up a samba server for my mp3 partition?

(Of course I could just alt-tab and launch vlc from console, but where’s the fun in that?)

I’ve never used playlists…

Does scriv support URI style filenames?

Then create the right symlinks in linux since it is …

I’ll just stop there.

Hrm. I can write a vlc playlist as html, but Scrivener opens it in its own editor or a web browser. That is, I’m not finding a way to specify within Scrivener that a particular html file should be opened via vlc.

Alt-tab, open a terminal seems to be the easiest way. :frowning:

Ah. I see. Never mind. I return to my place under the rock.